Liverpool are one of the biggest clubs in world football, and over recent seasons they have become an increasingly lucrative option for punters looking to maximise their bets. This is due to an array of reasons, but most importantly, that Jurgen Klopp has made them a force to be reckoned with.

However, there are still some tips that punters must follow in order to make smart bets. These tips ensure that the bets have the best chance of winning, and therefore, give the punter an increased opportunity to win some money. Here are eight of the tips that you should follow when betting on Liverpool.

Tip #1 – Liverpool’s Top Form

The most important aspect that must be considered is the form that Liverpool are in. Over the past 18 months, they have been in stellar condition and have only lost less than five times in 2019 in all competitions. That ensures that punters can use the Reds as a lucrative betting option as there isn’t a great chance that they will let them down.

Tip #2 – Head to Head Stats

The head to head record is essential reading before every bet. Here, you will be able to pinpoint any particular trends that have occurred in the previous meetings between the sides. That can include the match result and whether the fixture has a history of a lot of goals.

Tip #3 – Tactics Used Against Liverpool

There aren’t many tactics that have stifled Liverpool over the past couple of years, but it is essential to look into how teams may play. This can be a big giveaway when you’re betting. If a team is happy to sit back and defend against Liverpool, then it is unlikely that they are going to get the win or score over 2.5 goals.

Tip #4 – Latest on Injuries

Injuries are an unfortunate side effect that comes with football, and punters should be aware of this. Before every bet, they should look into the players that will be missing for both sides. For example, if Liverpool are missing Virgil van Dijk, then they may not have the best chance of keeping a clean sheet compared to if the Dutchman was playing.

Tip #5 – Fixture Congestion

One of the toughest aspects that the best clubs in world football, such as Liverpool have to combat is the pile-up of fixtures. This is just part of being one of the best teams on the planet, as they are forced to play more often due to getting further in all of the competitions. This is important to remember, especially around the festive period and later on in the season as teams may become tired.

Tip #6 – Markets

Undoubtedly when you’re betting on football, then the markets are the most important aspect. It would help if you learned about what all markets entail and what you need to do to have a winning bet. Then, you will be able to find the ultimate avenue for your betting needs to ensure the best chance of getting maximum returns when you bet on Liverpool.

Tip #7 – Latest News on Liverpool

Latest news concerning Liverpool is also important as it could have a positive effect on how they may perform. If they have received good news such as Klopp or another key member of the squad signing a new long-term contract, then this will have a positive effect on the performance. However, if they have had to sell a prominent player in the team, then this will have a damaging effect.

Tip #8 – The Different Competitions

The final tip that all punters must remember is that all competitions are different. For instance, Liverpool will play their strongest teams in competitions such as the Premier League and the Champions League, which will give them the best chance to win. However, in the League Cup and FA Cup, they may play weakened sides, which may have a damaging effect on their chances of winning.

If you follow all these essential tips when betting on Liverpool, then you will have the optimal chance of ensuring maximum returns on your bets.

8 Tips You Must Know When Betting On Liverpool