Manchester United Betting on the Premier League has never been easier. Here’s how..

Betting on the Premier League is one of the most common leagues in world sport to bet on. There are an array of different markets open to the punters, but finding the most lucrative option for your Manchester United betting can sometimes be overwhelming.

Manchester United are one of the most famous football sides in world football, and that is largely down to the high-quality players they have. This means that they are typically a lucrative betting option for punters. But, how can you maximise your potential returns when betting on the Red Devils?

Finding the best market for your bet is imperative as it could be the difference between winning more from your stake. Why would you want to win just a small amount when you could win a significantly higher amount by using a different market? It’s just common sense really. Here are some of the best ways to maximise returns when betting on Manchester United.

Betting Markets Available

There are a vast number of markets available to punters, but finding the best place to maximise value is the hardest aspect. Each market would require betting on something different, and understanding these markets is the most crucial factor. Here are three of the most lucrative options for betting on Manchester United:

  • Match Result- This betting market is for punters to wager their stake on the team that they believe will win the match. If you bet on Manchester United to beat Everton, then they must win in order to get the returns.
  • Both Teams To Score- One of the most straightforward markets revolves around the simple question of whether both teams will score in the match. Punters will lay their stake on either yes or no, and it will be decided when the final whistle has been blown.
  • Over/Under Goals/Cards/Corners- If you are looking for a good Manchester United bet, then this could be the way forward. Here, you will bet on whether the amount of goals/corners or cards will be over or under the benchmark set by the bookmaker. If they set the benchmark at 2.5, and you bet over, then there must be at least three for the bet to be a winner.

Tips To Win Big When Betting On Manchester United

There is no such thing as a sure-winner, which means punters will need to do the adequate research in order to place the best bet possible. This phase of the betting strategy is the most essential and will have a big bearing on whether the bet will be a winner or not. But, here are the steps that you must follow to have the best possible chance:

  • Recent Form- The most crucial aspect that can help you determine whether Manchester United will win is their recent form. If they are on a run of winning games, then they would be a solid choice to maximise returns.
  • Tactics- Every team performs different against certain opponents. Manchester United have been prone to struggle against teams that are defensive this season, which means that they might not be a good bet against this style of play.
  • Head to Head- Studying the recent fixtures between the two opponents can be a good insight into the way a game may go. This should be compulsory reading to ensure whether you can spot any recurring themes.


Should you follow all these tips, and truly understand what each market entails, then you have the best possible chance of maximising your returns from your Manchester United bets.

Maximize Your Returns on Manchester United Bets