As well as being one of the most popular sports on the planet football is also one of the most popular sports to bet one. Compared to other sports, it has a huge amount of markets to bet on, whether you want to bet on whether a player gets booked, whether to bet on Liverpool winning the Premier League or even if the national team of Brazil will end up sporting their favourite yellow kit. The choices are endless. However, with so much choice it can sometimes seem difficult to choose what to bet on. That’s why today we’re going to learn how to bet on football and what to look out for.

Learn the Slang!

Before you go ahead and dive into the deep end and start betting on football. You’re going to want to recognise some of the common terms and slang that you’re going to come across. Knowing and understanding football betting slang will mean that you’re going to know exactly what you’re betting on so that you don’t make ill-informed decisions.

Here are some of the most common football betting terms:

  • Acca’ or ‘Accumulator’ – this is where you will place four single bets or more together. For example, let’s look at the World Cup. An accumulator would be for England, Wales, Croatia and Brazil all to win. The odds of winning are bigger but at the same time, you would need all four teams to win for the bet to land. If just ONE team loses, the bet loses.
  • Stake – this is a common betting term which refers to the amount you’re placing on a bet. For example, if you’re placing a £1 bet on your favourite team to win, the ‘stake’ would be £1.
  • Banker – This would be commonly referred to as a safe bet. Just like if you’re banking on something to happen in life, a banker would be a football bet that’s almost guaranteed to come in, but at the same time will most likely offer relatively low odds.
  • Bankroll – this is another common betting term which essentially refers to how much money you’ve got to bet with on football matches.
  • 90-minute bet – this may confuse you at first as you might be thinking, aren’t all football matches 90 minutes? So essentially you’re just betting on a team to win? Well in cup games if there is a draw after 90 minutes the teams will go on to play extra time and then a winner will be decided. So a 90-minute bet would just bet on what the result would be after 90 minutes.

Some of the Best Football Tips

Now that we’ve explored just how to bet on football and some of the slang terms you’ll come across when betting on football, let’s finally look at some of the best tips we can offer when it comes to betting on football: 

  • Only bet what you can afford to – just like with all other forms of gambling such as Blackjack or Roulette, betting on football should be seen as a form of entertainment rather than as an investment. And it is for this reason that you should always limit yourself to how much you’re going to want to bet and not go over this limit.
  • Don’t expect to win! A big thing to remember when betting on football is that you’re not going to win every bet no matter how much you know about the sport. That’s why when you do lose a bet, you’re going to want to take it on the chin and not chase your losses.
  • Bet wherever and whenever! A lot of bookmakers now offer mobile betting. Traditionally, you would have had to go down in-person to a licensed betting office to make a bet, however, thankfully, due to advancements in technology, you can now bet on your smartphone wherever you are.
  • Don’t be greedy! High odds may entice you at first however always remember that they are that high for a reason and the chances of winning are significantly reduced. And if you’re confident of a bet, don’t bet more on that game than you can afford to.
  • Avoid betting on friendlies. Friendly matches are typically not as competitive as a league or cup games and teams will tend to play their younger, more inexperienced players and so if they might not have as strong a chance of winning as you’d expect.
  • Bet in play – a lot of online bookmakers now gives players the option of betting in play. This means you can watch a match live and you can place a bet on the match during the match. This has become fruitful for a lot of punters who want to get a feel for how a team are performing early on in a football match before going ahead and betting on that match.

Bet on Football Today

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Learn How to Bet on Football Like a Pro