Betting on Liverpool is one of the most popular bets in world sport, but why has it become a famous pastime for celebrities? The most famous club in world football have enjoyed a storied history of being dominant both domestically and on the continent and this has undoubtedly played a part.

When you discover why famous people make Liverpool bets, you will understand just how important it is to bet on the Reds. It could be an increasingly lucrative option for betting when it comes to placing wagers on football.

The benefits that punters need to understand why famous people bet on Liverpool are imperative. It could have an overwhelming feeling on how you bet in the future, and that means, it could ensure that you get maximum returns on all your Liverpool bets. But, why do famous people place bets on football teams like the Reds and Manchester United?

Prolonged Success

The most important reason for Liverpool being one of the most popular bets is because they have been successful for a long period of time. Of course, they endured a dry spell with no silverware during the first years of the Premier League era, but those are undoubtedly a sign of the past now.

They are the reigning European champions after winning the Champions League against Tottenham Hotspur in June 2019 and are among the leading challengers for the Premier League title this season. They go into most games in the top-flight as the favourites, which means punters can maximize their bets using the handicap and over/under markets.

Famous Players

You can’t enjoy a period of success without having internationally recognized talent in your squad, and that is very much the case when it comes to Liverpool. They have been able to boast some of the very best players in the world over the past 50 years. Steven Gerrard led the club to success in the FA Cup and the Champions League, but the latest crop is looking to do something that the talismanic captain couldn’t do.

The Premier League was the one honour that eluded Gerrard, and the domestic title itself hasn’t been Liverpool’s for 30 years. However, that looks set to change over the coming months as they boast one of the best forward lines in world football. Mohamed Salah has won the Golden Boot for the past two years, while Sadio Mane and Roberto Firmino step up if they are needed.

Iconic Manager

Liverpool have had a history of successful managers, but none of them have been like Jurgen Klopp. The German arrived at Anfield having led Borussia Dortmund to an unlikely Champions League final and domestic title. His reputation is esteemed, but he has taken it to a new stratosphere at Liverpool.

He is now regarded as one of the top three coaches in the world and is looking to accomplish a first-ever Premier League success. Along with that, he is also looking to secure Liverpool their first ever back-to-back Champions League success. With Klopp at the forefront, it isn’t hard to see why famous people bet on Liverpool.

Why Famous People Like to Place Liverpool Bets