Betting on Liverpool has become a common bet for punters with Ruby Bet over the past couple of seasons. The reigning European Champions ended the 2018-19 season as the Champions League winners with a gripping win over Tottenham Hotspur. Ruby Bet customers took advantage of some of the best odds to bet on Liverpool. These Liverpool betting markets that are on offer are some of the most competitive around.

You can bet on Liverpool in 2019-20 with Ruby Bet to get to the best value for money on all Liverpool betting. This doesn’t just include the best bet on Liverpool to win the league, but also the best Liverpool betting odds for the Champions League, FA Cup and Premier League. These are just an example of the markets that you can bet on Liverpool with using Ruby Bet.

How to bet on Liverpool?

The markets open to bet on Liverpool in 2019-20 are enormous, but each market could be lucrative in its own way. Punters need to be aware of what each market is before placing a wager.

What is a point spread?

This market is typically the way that Ruby Bet would even out the difference between the best sides and the ones towards the bottom of the league. This is a hugely popular Liverpool bet to place since they are one of the best teams in the Premier League.

What is a money line?

The money line is easy to read once you have understood that the favoured side has a ‘-‘ next to their name. This ensures that you can get maximum value on your Liverpool bets.

What is an over/under?

This market revolves around cards, goals and corners. Punters can choose to put a bet on over or under the number provided by the bookmaker. This could be lucrative when betting on Liverpool throughout the season.

What are prop bets?

Proposition bets are something that punters can wager, which would require certain things to happen. For instance, for Liverpool bets, you can wager that both Sadio Mane and Mohamed Salah will score in the same game.

What are halftime lines?

This is another straight forward market where punters can bet on Liverpool to be winning at half time as opposed to full time like it is in the 1X2 markets.

Where to bet?

The very best place to bet on all Liverpool markets as well as to bet on Liverpool to win the Premiership is Ruby Bet. Here, you will find all the very best Liverpool odds for all your Liverpool betting needs.

What is cash out?

One of the best newly introduced aspects to Ruby Bet is their cash-out function. Here, punters can take advantage of the profit on their bet by cashing out before the match has finished. It is a great option when you’re becoming concerned that the bet you have placed may lose.

Match Betting

The most straightforward way to place a bet on Liverpool is by using the match betting market. This is typically called the 1X2 due to how you place a bet. The ‘1’ signifies the home win, while the ‘2’ is for the away team. The ‘X’ is for the draw. For instance, if Liverpool were playing against West Ham United at Anfield, then to place a bet on Liverpool you would select the ‘1’ and then the amount that you would like to place on them to win. You can also use this market to create a longer formed bet called an accumulator.

Betting Specials

Away from putting money on a bet Liverpool to win the Premiership, you can take advantage of the specials markets. Here, you can wager money on player and managerial markets. For instance, you can put on what players will move to Liverpool in the transfer windows, and also who the next manager of Liverpool could be.

What are Liverpool Betting Tips?

Tipsters are some of the most interesting ways to get a new layer of information before placing a wager. Certain tipsters will highlight facts that you may not have been aware of and maybe pinpoint the perfect market for you to take advantage of these trends. For example, they could find a player that has a great record of scoring for Liverpool against a particular club and then offer that as an interesting bet to make money.

How to read Liverpool betting tips?

The Liverpool betting tips that you may come across online will be very easy to read. For instance, they may point out that Liverpool have scored over 3.5 goals in three consecutive games and would recommend that as a solid bet for income on their next fixture.

Who are the best Liverpool tipsters?

Looking around the internet trying to find the best tipster can be hard work; especially for a club like Liverpool. However, the best ones can be noticed due to their annual strike rate and profit margins. Some of the best that you can expect to find online include Kdavidfbe and Neilsus. Both of these tipsters have considerable advantages in their strike rates and profit margins for football matches.

More Liverpool betting terms explained

  • Stake – This is simply the money that you’re putting on the bet. If the bet is a winner, then you will win the potential returns, but if it is a loser, then the stake is lost.
  • Accumulator – This is the most common way to bet on the 1X2 market, as punters can combine multiple single selections into one bet. However, if one stake loses, then the bet is lost. It can be hugely profitable.
  • Halftime/fulltime – One of the most lucrative markets to bet on is the halftime/fulltime market. For the bet to be a winner, the punter would have needed to correctly predict the leading side at half time as well as the fulltime whistle.
  • Banker – This is a phrase that is heard throughout the season when referring to a tip that should win.
  • Scorecast – This bet is where the punter can correctly predict the first scorer in the game and the winning scoreline.
  • Wincast – It is similar to the scorecast, but this time the player just needs to score, and the punter needs to select the winning team.
  • 90-minute betting – Some cup games go to extra time, which means this market is the best place to get the best odds for a 90-minute result.
  • 24-hour rule – Most bookmakers have the same rule that if a bet hasn’t been settled within 24 hours, then the stake is returned. This is often the case for postponed matches during the winter months.
  • DNB – The draw no bet market is a good insurance that removes the possibility of a draw from the bet. If the match ends in a draw, then the bet is void.
  • Double chance– Another good insurance bet is placing your stake on two possible outcomes. For instance, you could have Liverpool or the draw. As long as the opposing team doesn’t win, then the bet is a winner.
  • Bankroll – This is simply the money that you have available to play with.