Ruby Bet prides themselves on ensuring the best possible value for punters around the world, and that is particularly the case when betting Manchester United. The English club is one of the biggest teams in the world and competes in the Premier League, FA Cup and Europa League.

Bet on Manchester United with Ruby Bet to maximise your returns on all fixtures and betting markets. The bookmaker particularly excels when it comes to match betting, scorecasts and both teams to score. These are just three of the Man United betting markets that you would be able to take advantage of with Ruby Bet.

How to bet on Manchester United?

The world of sports gambling is enormous nowadays, and with that comes an array of betting Manchester United markets. Each market would need different research, but all of them can be incredibly lucrative if the punter’s knowledge of the markets is high.

What is a point spread?

A point spread is essentially the way of the bookmaker evening out the playing field. This is a particularly common method when considering Man Utd betting tips.

What is a money line?

When reading the money line, it is essential to remember that the team listed with a ‘-‘will be the favourite, or the team expected to win. This is typically the Red Devils when reading Man Utd betting odds. The underdog is listed with a ‘+’.

What is an over/under?

The corners, cards and goals markets are usually betted on using the over/under market. Here the punter would stake money on whether they believe there will be over or under a certain amount of the aspect previously mentioned.

What are prop bets?

Prop bets or proposition bets are something that punters can wager on when betting Manchester United. Here punters will wager on certain things happening. For instance, when Manchester United betting, punters can stake that Marcus Rashford will score first.

What are halftime lines?

As you would imagine from the name, this is where Manchester United betting can involve the staking of money on the halftime result.

Where to bet?

The best place for all your Manchester United betting needs is Ruby Bet. Here, you will find all the very best odds available and an unsurpassable array of markets.

What is cash out?

One of the most popular aspects that separate the best bookmakers from the rest is the ability to cash out in-play. Here punters can either make a profit or cut their losses depending on how their bet is going while the bet is still alive. It is a great option when placing a bet on Manchester United.

Match Betting

The common way for punters to bet on Manchester United is the match bet. Here all three possible results are available for punters to bet on. The ‘1’ refers to the home side, the ‘2’ is the away team, and the ‘X’ is the draw. Punters would then put a stake on the option that they believe will be the end result. For instance, if the Red Devils are playing Leicester City at Old Trafford then if a punter wants to use the Man Utd betting odds then they would select ‘1’. This type of bet can also be included into a longer form bet called an accumulator to maximise their returns when they bet on Manchester United.

Betting Specials

Man Utd betting also expands into the specials markets with Ruby Bet. Here, punters can place bets on the next manager to lose their job in the Premier League and also where certain players will end up at the end of the transfer window. It takes the fun of Man United betting even further with Ruby Bet.

What are Betting Tips?

Everybody wants to make winning bets, and this is where punters turn to ‘tipsters’. These bettors are considered experts and have in-depth knowledge of all factors that could happen in certain fixtures. They will share their information, and punters can take on board their tips and use them in their bets.

How to read tips?

In the betting tips that you will come across these tipsters will define what they have found in their research before highlighting the bet they think is best for the specific game. For example, Manchester United may have scored at least three goals in their last two games, so a tipster may proclaim that the best bet is over 2.5 goals.

Who are the best Manchester United tipsters?

It is incredibly difficult to find the best Manchester United tipsters. As a punter, you will need to look around and see their annual strike rate and profit margins. Some of the best tipsters that you can find online when Man United betting are Bowhillbear, Nockster and Dellboy980.

More Manchester United betting Terms Explained

  •       Stake – This is the amount of money that you’re placing on a specific bet and the amount that you could lose if your bet isn’t a winner.
  •       Accumulator – One of the most popular forms of football betting in the accumulator. Here you can group together single bets into one longer bet. You can put five match results into one bet and stand to win a lot more money than you would if you bet on them all individually. That is because all of your selections will need to win. If one loses, then your bet is lost.
  •       Handicap – When placing a bet on Manchester United, it could be wise to take advantage of this market, which evens up the difference between the teams. This is done by adding a lead to the unfancied side, while the favourite team will start with a deficit.
  •       Halftime/Full Time – One of the most lucrative markets can be found by betting on the halftime result and the result at the end of the game.
  •       Banker – This is essentially a bet that a tipster would claim as nearly guaranteed to win. The Red Devils are typically hailed as a banker; which is important to remember when betting Manchester United.
  •       Scorecast – Punters can use this market to correctly predict the first goalscorer and the score of the match.
  •       Wincast – This is similar to a scorecast, but instead of predicting the score; a punter would choose stake money on the team that will win alongside the scorer.
  •       90 Minute Betting – When betting on football, and particularly the goalscoring market, it could be frustrating if you select a player that isn’t in the starting line-up. This market is a good insurance as you will get your money back if your selected player doesn’t make it onto the pitch.
  •       24 Hour Rule – Sometimes matches can be postponed or delayed. This rule basically means that if the game isn’t played within the 24 hours that it was scheduled, then the bet is void.
  •       Over/Under – As we mentioned previously, the over/under markets allow punters to lay a stake on whether there will be more or less cards, goals or corners than the benchmark set by the bookmaker.
  •       DNB – This insurance bet stands for Draw No Bet. It eradicates to draw from the bet, and if the match ends in a draw, then the bet is void.
  •       Double Chance – Another good insurance bet is the Double Chance market. Here a punter can lay a stake on two possible outcomes. For instance, they could have Manchester United and the draw.
  •       Bankroll – This is simply the amount of money that the punter has to bet with in your account.